What is dBTS ?

From the moment $BTS native core token moves out from its original tech, it becomes MUCH SLOWER, hence ‘decelerated’ and a turtle-like logo for ‘d’. To expand $BTS to other platforms, as the oldest, fastest DPoS - $BTS was constantly rejected from the top ecosystems for the simple fact it’s ‘not a native token’. Thus `Decelerated BitShares` was created.

Why we need dBTS ?

Since people started going crazy about ‘wrapped’ BTC - which has a price of its own, and nothing even close to what BitShares considers a PEG. Also termed ‘synths’ by new tech startups, we invented MPA’s with oracles more than 5 years ago. Now is the time to show the markets the real meaning of an Asset PEG, by BitShares.

Functions Implemented in dBTS ERC-20


In order to provide a real PEG to the original core BitShares ($BTS) token we replicated Maximum Supply of BitShares onto Capped Supply of dBTS ERC-20 Token. As on the BitShares blockchain, dBTS on Ethereum blockchain has a Maximum Supply of 3,600,570,502 tokens that can be Minted.


Minting dBTS ERC-20 Token on Ethereum blockchain is not the same as other current synth/wrapped Tokens. Amount of Circulating (Minted) Supply is EQUAL to the amount of real BTS owned by the Custodian on BitShares blockchain. Minting is done by the automated python bot upon each deposit of BTS to the specified BitShares Account.


Burning dBTS ERC-20 Token on Ethereum blockchain is again a very special and different process compared to other synths. Each time the Custodian's account on BitShares blockchain reduces supply of the real BTS Token, a gateway bot operated by the Custodian will burn the exact amount of dBTS into the owner address automatically. Therefore, with the ability to Mint more dBTS token into existence on the next increase of Custodian's real BTS holdings.


dBTS is a Pausable ERC-20 Token. Why? Custodian can halt any scams/hacking or attempt of them or any other illegal activity in it's tracks. By preventing any transfers of the Token while the Pause function is enabled, we provide bespoke safety for the funds of users from both ecosystems. As we are not Ethereum/Solidity developers we believe this to be the best possible safety measure.


With a vision to Clone and Integrate by the First and Fastest Delegated Proof Of Stake technology platform on a mission to Divide and Conquer the biggest and slowest competitor. 


Joint venture between BitShares Enterprises, Bitshares Organization and dBTS Network.



To keep and maintain a 1 to 1 real PEG ratio between dBTS and BTS tokens, there will be only 1 official merchant available.



The Custodian provides reliable, institutional-grade security followed with transparency and ultimate precision when maintaining the PEG 1 to 1 between dBTS and BTS tokens.



Gateway Swap aka the Marketplace between Merchant and Custodian with the end user is where the magic happens.

Our Progress

Since Corporate (Re)Launch of BitShares in 2020, we finally created a proper legal structure within our organization that is currently being self-funded. With one-time fund raising through StakeBTS program, we are finally able to create profits for the development through market-making and continue delivering bespoke innovations ahead of time.